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Brett A Stubbs - Author

I’m Brett A. Stubbs, an aspiring fiction author residing in Melbourne, Australia. I’m in my mid-30s, happily married, and I spend most of my time writing. When I’m not creating something new, I’m usually reflecting or reading fantasy novels.

This blog exists as a record of my journey to become a recognised author, in the hopes it will one day help people on similar paths. As an untested author seeking publication, I highly value candid documents of established authors and feel there can never be too many of these accounts.

My favourite genre is epic fantasy/sci-fi. Long fiction books, in other words. I’ve been dissatisfied with the genre for a while now because I love to read about complex characters and excellent dialogue such as that which Robin Hobb generally produces. However, recent popular authors have created a marked shift towards action-packed stories with contrived high drama and incredibly shallow characters. These aren’t the books I like to read, so I began writing them.

I use fictional settings because they allow me to avoid people’s preconceptions or intentionally provoke them, as desired.

I can’t do that in a novel set in the ‘real world’, no matter the time period. People want the real world to be what they think it should be, and it usually isn’t. By using a pretend world, I can circumvent this unconscious barrier while still writing stories which anyone can relate to.

I seek to create compelling dramatic narratives for a wide audience.

When I was young, I found I enjoyed fantasy books and fiction TV shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation. I liked that they explored ageless concepts, sometimes from unconventional angles.

Later on, my interest in fantasy intertwined with a burgeoning curiosity about psychology, philosophy, astronomy, and programming. Of these, psychology is the only one that still holds my interest due to its practical application in daily life.

Every author has a fascination. Mine is psychology.

For a long time, I’ve made my living as an analyst/programmer. I thought it would be creative but it wasn’t. It was mechanical, repetitive, and frustrating work in lifeless work environments.

My long-term goal is to write fiction full-time. Having written and edited several bookw already, I know I can do this and do it well. Obtaining recognition is a matter of time. In closing, I think of my current situation like this…

When people pass by a grand old tree, they pause to look up at it and exclaim how beautiful it is. But nobody stops at the seeds in the ground next to the old tree, do they? People don’t even know those seeds are there yet. Since the seed is planted, and must necessarily grow, one day that thriving seed will mature into a remarkable thing that causes passersby to stop and stare in wonder.

At the moment, I’m staring up at established authors. One day, I’ll be there too.