Act how you want to feel

Its ok to write when you feel lousy. In fact, as I reckon any aspiring author knows, this is a common state in which to write. Authors have a reputation to ride on (or a deal to fulfil) and writers have some short-term goal and/or excitement. Meanwhile, aspiring authors have faceless agents and publishers who provide no feedback, and no shortage of onlookers with opinions.

It isn’t a pleasant place to be.

Understandably, motivation and a helpful attitude are in short supply at this point in the journey. The desire to write comes and goes, and it’s difficult to summon a positive view of my desired future, of becoming a widely known author.

This is why I’m always hungry for author’s stories: How was their journey and how did it feel? Unfortunately, all I could find before I established my blog were self-evident summaries stating that so-and-so was published in some year or other (and good luck with that to anyone else).

Anyway, I was reading a book last week that was an oleo of wisdom. One of the few things I got out of the content (it was exceedingly vapid and egomaniacal) was to act the way you want to feel. I latched onto this because it’s what I need right now, with my writing career.

I intend to take it on as a maxim: To act, then feel.

I’ll trial it for a couple months and see how much if a difference it makes, then report back. Until then, there isn’t much else for me to say on the idea except that it rings true in my own life. It’s my hope that, since I’ve witnessed it in action before, it might help me to be more active in my writing and selling.