A blog for aspiring authors

I’m Brett Stubbs, an aspiring author currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I’m setting up this blog now while I’m in the process of becoming recognised because I think once that starts to happen, events might speed up until they seem to go by in a blur.

Why me? Because I’m a writer. Over six or seven months, I’ve poured roughly 700 hours of effort into crafting a 217,000 word epic fantasy book. I’m 22,000 words into its sequel. I’ve formatted the first book and sent it off to a publisher. The next steps will be covered in future journals.

Why another blog? I want to provide an inspiring document of my journey – how I felt, what I tried, what worked and didn’t work. This is because I really wish I could find an established author who is helpful, specific, and inspiring. All three, I mean, not just one or two.

Helpful blogs are common, although they tend to focus on writing advice and contain only snippets of publishing advice, if anything. I generally won’t cover writing advice here, given the sheer number of existing sources.

Specific blogs are lacking in my part of the world. Since writing is a worldwide profession, I’ll try not to focus on this element too much but if I come across any tips specific to Australia, I will include them because they may not exist anywhere else.

Inspiring blogs are welcome, where they exist. As an aspiring author, I deeply respect established authors who have spared a thought for the next generation. I wish there were more of these.

This blog is going to focus on the journey of going from writer to published author.

When I achieve that, the focus may change, but first things first. For now, welcome to the journey. I’ll post at least once a week.