Island in the ocean

Island in the ocean

Wow, I didn’t realise it had been so long since I last posted here! To be fair, though, the focus of an aspiring author shouldn’t be on social media. After all, who is going to find it, let alone look for it? No matter how intriguing a website might be, it’s just a deserted island in the ocean without a map to find it.

This blog is here to record my journey from being an aspiring author to being a recognised author, and sometimes there isn’t much to say about that. Here are the last three months, in brief:

  • November – Focused on new job and home life.
  • December – More of the above, plus holidays. Researched literary agents.
  • January – Trialling new motivation techniques to encourage daily writing.

So yes, there has been some work on my writing career but nothing I think is noteworthy. My most pressing task remains the same: I need to write query letters and send off my manuscripts to agents. This has been going on for some time now.

‘But Brett,’ you might ask, ‘why don’t you just, you know, DO what needs to be done?’

Because, my friend, if life were that easy then there would be a great many more recognised authors in the world. Creating is hard, and not because of writer’s block: That old myth doesn’t exist. No, creating is hard because it forces you to face yourself, and that tends to be both enlightening and terrifying.

To put this another way, there are things we all find difficult and there are very good reasons for why this is so. In order to overcome the things we find difficult, we must look deep inside to find and then explore those reasons. Failure to do so dooms us to remain mired in unpleasant circumstances.

It also tends to make people exceedingly uptight and boring.

The upshot of putting in so much effort is that it makes you genuine, and your authenticity is guaranteed to shine through in your writing (and any other interactions). Personally, this is the sort of writing I want to share with the world.