Animators – Book 1

What is it?

An epic fantasy novel focusing on how a family copes with life following an unexpected tragedy. It is a grand scale soap opera with a realistic portrayal of people very much at its core.

Central concept

What if a world existed where people could animate giant constructs from wood or stone? What if they had wild, untamed kin?


Jered, a retired soldier, has settled in a small village to raise a family. His son, Kieren, shows little promise as an animator while his daughter, Landa, follows in her mother’s footsteps as a huntress.

The rural peace is shattered by an attack from Wilders – giants from the hinterlands. The family must rely on each other as they flee to the capital, wherein they discover new allies and trials.

The major arc focuses on Kieren as he undergoes a coming of age and learns he is the only person who can communicate with Wilders. His challenge is a theme of Animators: To hate or embrace these strange beings. In another arc, Landa joins the royal army wherein she finds friendship, purpose and conflict. In the last arc, Jered and his city-dwelling brothers are drawn into a web of political intrigue as border tensions climb and multiple wars threaten to break out.

All arcs converge towards the end as the family strives to maintain an uneasy peace between nations and species, but first they must make peace with themselves.