The Network

What is it?

A multi-level psychological thriller with a near future sci-fi setting, in which two powers vie for social control while a boy seeks to recover his lost memories.

Central concept

What could happen in the near future if a perfectionist sociopath blended social media and marketing with virtual reality?


In your Network, anything is possible.

David is a small boy with a big future – he is heir to the Network, the world’s leading virtual reality device. With its pioneering Elegant Design, the invention has taken the world by storm and now many people work, play and socialise inside a virtual world rife with social media.

A strange dream awakens hazy memories of kin that David can’t quite recall, and the bizarre quirks of his controlling father begin to feel sinister. It is an unwelcome contrast to the freedom and wonder he experiences within the Network with his personal host, Azure.

As David seeks to learn the truth behind his increasingly questionable memory, he uncovers a web of deception that leads him to question where his loyalties truly lie. Meanwhile, Azure weaves her own plan for the Network’s benefit.