Violin by Moonlight

What is it?

An adventure story focusing on two coming-of-age arcs for a teenage boy and a young girl. The setting juxtaposes the reality of a sleepy country town with a realm of unfettered fantasy.

Central concept

I love the whimsical type of books that Diana Wynne Jones wrote. Unashamedly focused on whimsy, she effortlessly blended ‘real life’ and fantasy worlds together. I want to write a book in a similar style.


This book is a work in progress. Details may change.

Robert is a teenage boy stuck in the most boring town on the planet. He hates the expectations piled upon him and longs to be free to choose his own path. Janie is a young girl stuck in limbo. She is a recent foster child and doesn’t feel like she has a family so much as adults constantly telling her what to do.

The pair have one solace: Their beloved woods, in which Robert sings and Janie hides. At the heart of their woods lives an ancient oak tree, which against all probability also exists elsewhere in a much larger forest. After a freak storm, the path between the two places is opened.

Robert finds adventure in the woods, discovering a courage he had all along while learning he can’t do everything himself. Along the way, he makes some unlikely friends and realises the value of intuition.

Janie finds the sense of belonging she has yearned for all along by making a friend, and becoming the youngest witch of the woods. Her new powers prove invaluable when Robert must rely on her aid, and together the two overcome an unlikely trial.