Spring cleaning

Spring is here, and with it the storms, sun, and flowers I’ve come to expect in Melbourne. With the changing of seasons comes a fresh energy for writing (and by extension, this blog), although that could also be due to my hiatus. As far as this blog goes, after all, I’ve been hibernating for much of Winter. I’m wondering if I need to stop doing that. Last time I took a break, I didn’t think anyone noticed. People noticed this time, though.

The first thought that brings to mind is, “Well, why am I doing this? Is it for myself or others?” The answer is: both. I’m writing stories to figure myself out and inviting readers to do the same for themselves (by provoking varied thoughts). As part of my Spring cleaning, I want to make a mission statement and put it on the about page. It’ll go something like this:

I write to discover myself.
I seek to invite others to do the same.
My aim is to become widely known so I can achieve the above.

I’ll play around with the wording, but that’s the gist of it. Did you know stories are a recognised psychological tool these days? It’s called Narrative Therapy. I discovered that in my current workplace, which is filled with counsellors and psychologists. It was nice to get that jolt of validation, but at the same time utterly unsurprising that a cohesive narrative can be valued in this field. After all, people have been exploring the psyche in theatre throughout recorded history. In particular, Greek dramas come to mind, rich with mythology and metaphors that represent universal situations.

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic there. Suffice to say this blog is as much a narrative as any of my manuscripts, probably moreso.

Another thing I really want to change on this blog is the theme. It’s so sterile! Sure, it works well but it doesn’t reflect much of my personality and it certainly doesn’t show why I’m writing. I suppose my vision has evolved since I first set out to put my thoughts on here. Hmm, I really need a new photo, too. The current one is quite old.

The last thing I need to update is the purpose for posting here. That’s changed, too. When I last reviewed this, probably a year ago, I wanted to use this blog for accountability. In short, I wanted to push myself to deliver results quickly – more writing, more enquiries! Look, that has merit but it isn’t where my mindset has been for a long time now. I’ve achieved great stability this year, and while I very much desire to be published, I’m not going to use the rocket fuel that is desperation. In my experience, this fuel burns very brightly and equally briefly. It’s entirely unreliable (and miserable).

In short, I’d rather continue posting thoughts on here. I’ll even renege on what I’ve said earlier and include writing “advice” now and then, bearing in mind this still boils down to being ideas. In posting thoughts here instead of being so focused on updates, I’ll take the pressure (of perfectionism) off and maintain my own narrative as a developing author. It’s my hope that this will enable me to resume weekly updates, seeing as that’s worked well for most of the year.

So, to recap, my goals for the next month or so are…

  1. Update the About page. Add a mission statement.
  2. Change the theme to be interesting!
  3. Less focus on publishing progress. More on being.